Thursday, March 3, 2016

Plank and Core

We're focusing on the core (back and abs) today.  You will need a resistance tube, a set of dumb bells, and a bench or chair.  Do 15 reps of each exercise and each round 2-3xs. All exercises can be performed without any equipment!

Round One:

  • Reverse back flye with resistance tube with a step back lunge
    • Tube is at chest height, held in both hands with arms straight in front of you. Step back into lunge. At the same time, pull the tube apart as you squeeze your should blades together and bring the tube to your chest.
  • Plank with hands on bench or chair and alternate bringing the Right knee to the Right elbow, then the Left knee to the Left elbow.
  • Alternating single arm lat pull down with resistance tube with plié squat
    • Stand wide with toes, knees, and hips pointed out to sides.  Raise arms overhead with tube in both hands.  As you squat down, with a straight arm move your Right arm in an arc to your shoulder.  Rise up and squat again with Left arm moving in an arc.  This is one rep.
  • Bench v-ups
    • Sit on chair, lean back slightly and raise feet off the ground.  Bring knees into chest and sit up. Then extend legs straight out off the ground as you lean slightly back.

Round Two:

  • Elbows back row with plié 
    • Stand wide with toes, knees, and hips pointed out to sides.  Holding dumbbells in each hand, squat down.  As you raise up, bring the dumbbells up along your body to chest or shoulder height and squeeze your shoulder blades.
  • Dumb bell side bends
  • Deadlift with alternating rows
    • Bend from the waist maintaining a straight back and let arms hang down.  In the bent over position, row one arm back and then the other. Return to standing.  That is one rep.
  • Plank with hands on bench or chair and alternate knee twists
    • Plank position. Take your right knee through your body to your left elbow.  Then do the same with your left knee to your right elbow

** In consideration of being allowed to participate in the personal fitness training activities and programs of Amanda Reed, I do hereby forever waive, release and discharge Amanda Reed from any and all claims or liabilities for injuries or damages to my person and/or property **

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