Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Small Steps: More Water

When you wake up, after rubbing the sleep out of your eyes and stumbling out of bed, reach for a bottle of water.  Drinking a full 16 oz of water in the morning has numerous health benefits!

1. It hydrates you!
You've just gone 8 or so hours of not drinking or eating anything.  Your body is dehydrated and needs to be replenished so your kidneys can kick in and get rid of what your body has accumulated during the night.

2. It jump starts your metabolism!
Your body can't metabolize fat as well if you are dehydrated because the very process requires water!

3. It helps your body clear out everything it worked to repair during your sleep!
It's pretty well known that your body is not fully at rest during sleep.  It uses this down time to repair cell damage ranging from torn muscular tissue to simple cuts and bruises.  There is also a new theory that your brain uses sleep to clear out toxins that build up over time, so we need water to flush them out!

4. You are less likely to reach for caffeine first thing in the morning!
You've just given your body something it desperately needs, so you will most likely feel more awake and less likely to grab that cup of coffee right away.  Water wakes you up so we can actually delay the need for caffeine to later in the morning.

Get yourself a fun new water bottle, fill it the night before, and you don't have an excuse to not reach for it in the morning!  Can't stomach the idea of all that water at once?  You are less likely to feel nauseous if you drink it slowly over a 45 minute period, at slightly warmer than room temperature.   

What are your tips for getting into the habit of drinking water first thing in the morning?

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