Getting Stronger

You've probably heard the new catchphrase "Strong is the New Skinny".  I prefer to think of it as Every Day Strong, of being strong enough physically and mentally to face each and every day.

I'm here to share no-nonsense insights about fitness and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, as well as effective workouts that anyone can do.  I'm a certified Group Fitness Instructor and I teach a variety of classes that allow me to stay in shape, vent my stress, get creative, be healthy and be Every Day Strong!  At the very center, this blog is about getting a little stronger each and every day.

Each week, I post an effective, do-anywhere workout!  I also post modifications to make it more intense or less intense. 

I recommend warming up for about five minutes prior to doing the workouts.  A 3-5 minute walk, deep breaths with forward and backward arm circles, 4-6 small squats, and 4-6 small lunges on the right and left leg would be sufficient to get you ready to workout.  Cool-down by stretching the muscles and parts of the body that the workout focused on.  

Please feel free to post your thoughts or questions in the comments.

We are Every Day Strong!

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